Poetry Prompt: Week 1

I decided to challenge myself to write more and I am doing a poetry prompt each week. If any other writers are interested in prompts for writing check out Poets & Writers website: http://www.pw.org/writing-prompts-exercises.

Poetry Prompt:

Think back over the past year. What does the memory of each month feel like? What is its emotional tone, vibration, form? Write a poem in twelve parts that tries to capture each month’s abstract feeling in a single line or stanza. Like Wallace Stevens’s “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” you can repeat the same object or setting throughout the poem, or offer a different context for each section. Challenge yourself to avoid the clichéd images that are often paired with months (i.e. the beach and July, leaves and October), and instead, try to translate the ineffable into the visual. When finished, you’ll have a calendar of metaphor.



A new hope for an unknown future,

The heartbreaking sadness of loss,

Time is needed to refocus and recharge,

Blindsided by grief, Living in memories,

Falling into depression, Magic breaks the cage,

A celebration of life, Perpetual remembrance,

Focusing energies on dreams,

Rebuilding faith, Finding solace in a lost soul,

A new sense of well-being,

Taking responsibility for awareness,

Dedication to progress,

Final thoughts, I’m still alive.

©Nicole Corbin


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