Play, Repeat: My Current Song Obsession #13

Hangin’- Bastille

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties I was unable to load the video from youtube into this post. Hopefully I can edit it in the future and share the video. Anyways, on to the music!

I really enjoyed this latest release from Bastille. It has catchy beat and chorus that draws me in. Dan Smith’s voice is so pure and soothing but I really like how we get to hear a bit of his lower range in this song. The music style is a bit different from their other music in a good way, it seems the band is constantly evolving.  I am anxious to hear the second album.

Bastille formed in 2010 in England. The name comes from Bastille Day which is celebrated on lead singer Dan Smith’s birthday July 14th. Before deciding to form the band, Bastille was a solo project. The band consists of Dan Smith (Lead vocals, keyboards & piano, percussion), Kyle Simmons (Keyboards, percussion, bass guitar, backing vocals), Will Farquarson (Guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, backing vocals) and Chris “Woody” Wood (Drums, percussion, programming, backing vocals).  Their debut album Bad Blood was released in 2013 ( also in 2013 All This Bad Blood was released and included Bad Blood along with unreleased songs and songs from their first two mixtapes),  two EPs  and three mixtapes Other People’s Heartache (2012), Other People’s Heartache Pt 2 (2012) and VS. (Other People’s Heartache Pt III) (2014). I love this band and would highly recommend listening to their album and mixtapes.





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