“Some of the snowballs have a kind of animal energy. Not just because of the materials inside them, but in the way that they appear caged, captured.” Andy Goldsworthy


In a Cage

Looking through this fence,

Of metal that I’m locked in,

Looking and pleading,

Hoping someone from the outside will come,

Save me, Change me,

All I want is acceptance,

All I need is love,

All I dream of is home.

© Nicole Corbin



  1. #1 by ddog13 on January 14, 2013 - 2:31 am

    This can be interpreted in so many ways. It’s like you’re describing jail, but the jail symbolizes somewhere else. If your house feels like a trap, it could be your house, but it could be your mind, or an orphanage, or your body and soul. This one is very open to interpretation. Very cool how two people can get very different meanings from the same words.

    • #2 by twistofamillennia on January 14, 2013 - 3:20 am

      I love hearing all the different interpretations of poems 🙂 It’s always interesting to hear all the different sides. Thank you!!!

      When I wrote this I was in high school and was enrolled in BOCES for Animal Science and Dog Grooming, I wrote this for my obedience dog a Puggle named Lola. I’m happy to say before I graduated that year she was adopted 🙂

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