4 comments on ““Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.”- Carl Sandburg

  1. I was just talking to a friend of mine about how we really don’t know anyone. I mean, we know people by what they wear and what they like, but we don’t actually KNOW them. This poem is kind of like an invitation saying: Hey, I want someone to really know me and what’s happened in my life. The fact is, what happens in life isn’t always gumdrops and rainbows. Cool insight right here.

    • Thank you!!! It means a lot to get feedback! 🙂 It’s true, getting to know someone, to truly know someone goes beyond appearance and interests. You have to dig deeper then all that. I love how you put gumdrops and rainbows, many people want just that and don’t want to know anything that isn’t sugar coated.

      • It’s part of the norm and status quo that everyone acts happy around others. People in a school environment, for example, talk mainly about school stuff and things related to classes and whatnot. Nobody talks about how tragic things happen in their lives. That would brand them as emotionally unstable and unhappy. Sure, people complain, but most bad things go unfiltered in a large social environment. It’s kind of a thing of society: Smile when you’re getting punched :/

  2. Yes I totally agree with all that. Fact of life is we all know some kind of form of tragedy throughout our lives. I feel it’s important to share the bad experiences and of course the good as well, because we can all grow from that. It shouldn’t be shunned or ignored but embraced because it’s a part of life.

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