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“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” William Congreve



Another spoke on your wheel,

I’m so faded, Lost my appeal,

A shattered window,

On your revolving door,

A piece of your puzzle,


So forsake me,

Gamble my heart,

With loaded dice,

A waste of time,

A most noble sacrifice.

© Nicole Corbin


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“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.” Elbert Hubbard


In Silence

In Silence,

We sit together,

Your fingertips dance,

Across my skin,

In Silence,

Held in your embrace,

I slowly close my eyes,

Drifting in to a peaceful slumber,

In Silence,

We awaken,

Our gazes met with our smiles,

In Silence

Your lips touch mine,

Speaking a conversation,

In Silence.

© Nicole Corbin

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“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at it destination full of hope.”- Maya Angelou


Breaking Barriers

Luring me in with that taste of temptation,

I can only hold on so much longer,

Bring me down into this oblivion,

Brown eyes seducing the background of my reflections,

Absent to the undeniable truth,

Disconnecting my alliance to commitment,

Drawn back to the amusement of my imagination,

That everlasting smile of luxury,

Maybe it’s the pleasure as to what is unknown to this vision,

A secret lies in the depth of silence,

Full of caring intentions,

Licking the lips of anticipation,

Causing the broken to realize some beauty,

Effective production of complete fascination,

Curious to the attraction I feel to you now,

Taking in the sweet fragrance of appeal,

Not even knowing this fantasy could possibly be fate,

Feeling the breath of immortal affection,

I’m stirring this solution of crimson impressions,

Hoping for plains of dreams to seep into reality.

© Nicole Corbin

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I have so many doors that I have long chose not to open because of my fears. This time I won’t hold back any more. Expect a recording of me singing in the near future. “Am I gonna quit? Nice of you to ask
But momma told me go and chase what you after” – Karmin ‘Hello’

The Better Man Project ™


You have to be a little bit crazy.

Crazy enough to think that you can change it all.

You will doubt yourself and others will doubt you.

But through it all, you have to stick to your vision and adapt along the way.

Go around the bend.

Go through the doors you were scared to.

Because there is one thing standing behind those fears.

Your best version of you.

Get your butt over to the Fan Page.

Evan Sanders

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A Promise Kept- My Mother’s Story

People also leave presence in a place even when they are no longer there.”
Andy Goldsworthy

I usually don’t get deep into my personal life unless it’s with my closest family and friends. This story is one exception. It’s a story I feel needs to be shared with as many people as possible because of these facts,  My Mom felt that this was her purpose and I made a silent promise to my Mom that I intended to keep. This is her story.

Today (January 16th) it has been 2 years since my Mom passed. It’s so hard for me to believe sometimes. There are days when I feel as though a part of me is still in denial.

My Mom bravely battled lung cancer for almost 2 years. Originally they wanted to operate on her and remove the tumor but, the surgery was unsuccessful. The next option was chemo. My Mom tried 3 different chemo-therapies in hopes of having the tumor shrink. The chemo wasn’t working so the next step was to try radiation.  Constant trips to the hospital for chemo and later on  radiation took a toll on her body. These trips often led to short hospital stays that lasted a few days to a few weeks. Soon it just seemed like a blur of doctors, tests, and hospital rooms. It was an agonizing wait for each test result to see if the tumor was shrinking or perhaps maybe the cancer would go in to remission. It seemed the answers only got worse, the tumor was growing and on top of that there was a good chance that the spots on her liver were malignant.  The doctors were always blunt and straight forward from the beginning that the odds were against my Mom.

However, that didn’t stop my Mom from smiling, from laughing, from enjoying every moment of her life as much as she could. I remember having a conversation with her about her having cancer, she told me she believed that there was a greater purpose for her having to suffer and that it wasn’t meant to be in vain. Her eyes lit up when she was telling me maybe she was meant to be a public speaker to encourage people not to smoke or maybe with her story she could inspire others. It was then that I made that silent promise that no matter what happened her suffering would not be in vain.

Her ability to still find joy and laughter in the darkest of times remains one of my own biggest inspirations in my life. I strive to start everyday being grateful for what I have and remembering to smile. She always used to say to me that life is too short to be miserable. I still to this day hear her saying that.

With my Mom’s vision of inspiring others my sister and I have created a page to honor her and share her story as well as raise money for cancer research.

I want to thank all of you that read this and read her story on her page, it means more than words to my sister and I.

In honor of  my Mom, my best friend and one of my guardian angels in Heaven. I love you.

Bonnie Corbin

September 3rd, 1954- January 16th 2011

A loving Mom, Grandma and friend.

Proud Mom

Proud Mom

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“The innocence of childhood is like the innocence of a lot of animals.”- Clint Eastwood


Child-Like Innocence

A child-like innocence,

As I shyly smile,

Forgive me,

For being so hesitant,

As I finally allow,

What I feel to surface,

Thank you,

For your patience,

As I sat back,

Questioning your intent,

We stare,

We smile,

We kiss,

With a shyness

Our child-like innocence

© Nicole Corbin



“Some of the snowballs have a kind of animal energy. Not just because of the materials inside them, but in the way that they appear caged, captured.” Andy Goldsworthy


In a Cage

Looking through this fence,

Of metal that I’m locked in,

Looking and pleading,

Hoping someone from the outside will come,

Save me, Change me,

All I want is acceptance,

All I need is love,

All I dream of is home.

© Nicole Corbin